Brianna Cannon Ambassador Program

Do your friends look to you for fashion inspiration?
Do you love using social media?
Do you want a free pair of Brianna Cannon earrings + extra income? 

Then you should apply to become a Brianna Cannon Ambassador! 


What is a Brianna Cannon Ambassador?

A Brianna Cannon Ambassador is a person who has applied and been approved to represent Brianna Cannon and promote the brand in their social network.

What does a Brianna Cannon Ambassador do? 

A Brianna Cannon Ambassador promotes the brand on their own social media networks and earns money for each sale made on as a result of their influence. 

What are the perks of being a Brianna Cannon Ambassador? 

  1. Merchandise. A Brianna Cannon Ambassador receives a pair of Brianna Cannon earrings at no charge as part of their Brianna Cannon Starter Kit when they are accepted into the Ambassador program. 
  2. Promotional tools. A Brianna Cannon Ambassador receives their own unique discount code that they can share with their friends and social network to help drive sales. 
  3. Money. A Brianna Cannon Ambassador can make money and earn product incentives in several ways:
    --First, Brianna Cannon Ambassadors earn money for every sale made on as a result of their influence.
    --Secondly, a Brianna Cannon Ambassador is eligible to receive product incentives on a monthly basis by meeting the monthly sales requirement associated with the monthly product incentive.
    --Third, there are various ranks you can achieve as a Brianna Cannon Ambassador, each with larger bonus incentives and higher earning potential. 
  4. Credibility. We select the very best candidates who have strong social media skills, demonstrate business savviness, represent our brand appropriately, and present themselves in a way that is consistent with our brand image and core values. 

How do I apply to become a Brianna Cannon Ambassador? 

Download and complete this application: APPLICATION

Send an email with your completed application to with "Brianna Cannon Ambassador" in the subject line.