Tennessee Orange “VOLS” Earrings with White Geode

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  • Orange Coated Metal
    (FYI- This material is durable, extremely light weight, and has a smooth finish.)
  • This design features an white geode that has been hand painted on the back with 18k gold plating (FYI- Geodes are raw stones that are natural in their shape and size, therefore each geode will be one of a kind. The shape, color saturation, and size of every geode will be unique. For instance, some orange geodes are dark orange around the outside and fade to white in the middle, while others are lighter or darker orange through-and-through.)
  • Measures 2.5 inches in length
  • Comes with a velvet TeamRLN jewelry pouch for storage


To make sure your jewelry stays in beautiful condition, please do the following: 

    1. Store your earrings in the velvet earring pouch that you received with your purchase 
    2. Do not spray hairspray or perfume on your earrings 
    3. Do not swim or exercise in your earrings 
    4. Do not use jewelry cleaner or any kind of chemicals on your jewelry; if a jewelry polishing cloth is not getting the metal clean, use mild hand soap and water, then blot dry with a microfiber towel