Small PCA Lion with 3 Gemstones

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  • 20% of your purchase of this item will be donated to the Equip Campaign at Prestonwood Christian Academy to raise funds for the new Middle School


  • 24k Gold Plated Brass
    (FYI- All gold plating is not created equal; TeamRLN uses a thick coating of 24k gold to produce a finish that is beautiful, shiny, and wears well over time.)
  • Hand-Hammered Finish
    (FYI- This means each piece was carefully hammered by a skilled jewelry professional to create a texture that is truly an artisan finish. Each pair takes between 10-15 minutes to complete the hammering process by hand. The texture is not machine-made, stamped, or's a true hand-hammer, which we love and believe is important to the integrity of our brand.)
  • This design features a combination of lapis lazuli, citrine, and white agate semi-precious gemstone in a gold plated setting with post; each gemstone is hand faceted for maximum beauty 
    (FYI- Semi-precious gemstones are naturally occurring...we do not use acrylic or resin stones in our jewelry. The terms "precious" or "semi-precious" are used in the jewelry industry to classify gemstones; precious gemstones mainly include diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, and semi-precious gemstones include anything beyond those 4 that are still within the naturally occurring gemstone classification.)
  • Measures 2.75 inches in length


To make sure your jewelry stays in beautiful condition, please do the following: 

    1. Store your earrings in the velvet earring pouch that you received with your purchase 
    2. If your gold finish needs polishing, please use the TeamRLN polishing cloth that you received with your purchase (or a microfiber cloth that will not scratch the finish of your jewelry)
    3. Do not spray hairspray or perfume on your earrings 
    4. Do not swim or exercise in your earrings 
    5. Do not use jewelry cleaner or any kind of chemicals on your jewelry; if a polishing cloth is not getting them clean, use mild hand soap and water, then blot dry with a microfiber towel


    • Customer Pickup can be arranged if you live in the north Texas area (Plano/Frisco/Allen). Please indicate pickup preference at checkout and you will be contacted to coordinate pickup details. 
    Small PCA Lion with 3 Gemstones
    Small PCA Lion with 3 Gemstones